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Grounded in the Truth of Your Wholeness.
Come Home to All of Who You Are

Exercising Your Soul is about getting to know the various parts of who you are and waking back up to the truth that you are enough. You are so good.

At your core, you are not broken or incomplete in any way.


Are you are ready to take the flight of your life and soar into infinite possibilities?

Start by Cultivating Mindfulness during the Awaken Your Senses Workshop on April 27th!

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I have many super powers, but one of my favs is my genuine and deep love for our humanity. I know there is an essential, even Divine, wholeness underlying all seeming conditions. No matter how broken, beyond hope, or lost we may appear (or feel), I know there is a way through the muck to living whole-hearted, authentically satisfying lives.

know know this, because I have lived through the seeming brokenness, hopelessness and lostness. I have navigated my way through the pain and confusion of mental illness, financial distress, infertility, divorce, remarriage, parenting, step-parenting, and more. I can honestly tell you that I have never felt more joy-filled, on-purpose, or whole than I do today.

I am living into the infinite possibility of my life!

You Are Welcome

Someone once used the following two words to describe me: safe + dorky. All of who you are and what you have experienced is welcome with me. You are not too much or not enough. You are welcome. 

I learned to offer this gift to myself, and am honored to now hold this sacred space for others. I intersect with people in a place of openness and inquiry, of authenticity and curiosity, empowering them to live fully from the inside out.

Exercise Your Soul | The Biz

I built Exercise Your Soul LLC as a container to hold hearts ready to come undone and find their true home within. I facilitate group work through retreats, workshops and classes. I also facilitate 1:1 work through private coaching. 

Exercise Your Soul | Core Principles​
  • You have access to everything you need for your fullest expression of life.

  • You are not broken, missing anything or incomplete. 

  • You have adopted limiting beliefs about yourself, others and the world around you, that hold you back from living into your full potential. They can be released, revealing expansive freedom. 

  • Your body is designed to heal from the inside out - physically + emotionally.

  • Your body offers deep wisdom + insight as you learn to listen to and receive its messages. 

  • Having wise compassionate others to hold the energetic and physical space enables you to be fully present in your deep work. 


Exercise Your Soul | Vision

Conscious evolution from survival to thrival;

from living in limitation and fear, to living in authentic freedom and joy.

Exercise Your Soul | Mission

To provide sacred, set-apart opportunities for people to awaken, cultivate and integrate the truth of their goodness and wholeness, empowering them to live fully from the inside out. 

Hello! It's your coach , Rachel!
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