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Private Coaching Sessions

Private Coaching session-work will focus on developing the practice of awareness through witnessing your mind, body and spirit from the healthiest version of yourself - from your Wholeness. Together we will co-create space to slow down, foster presence, and listen within. We will practice being with whatever arises, with whatever part of your self needs attention. As we become aware thoughts, physical sensations or feelings, we will explore with compassionate curiosity what is ready to come into the light of your consciousness for healing, to be released or to be transformed. This is a practice in making peace within yourself and living in the Truth of who you are.  

Sessions are 45 minutes in length and can be in person (if you live locally in Phoenix, AZ) OR virtually, via Zoom.

You can do single sessions, or purchase bundles of session: 

1 session/week for 3 months (12 sessions = $1,440) or 2 sessions/month for 3 months (6 sessions = $810).

Please book a Discovery Call to being the process of Private Coaching.

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