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Exercise Your Soul: 12-Week Program

  • 12Weeks
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


A 12-week guided journey through the book Exercise Your Soul: Ignite Healing and Wholeness in Your Life and Live from the Inside Out. Each week you will be guided through a portion of the book. You will be invited to read and then integrate the content through actually doing the exercises that are talked about in the book! The exercises include: Writing, Meditating/Practicing Mindfulness, Creating a Vision Board, Being Curious, Moving Your Body and more. Each week you will build your practice, so that you get a sense of how it impacts your life. Mini-charts are included as a way to hold yourself accountable each week. All practices are designed to support you to turn within and deepen your understanding of yourself. Just like physical exercise, some days will be easy and other days more challenging. The strength comes as you keep showing up, day after day. ✨This course includes an e-copy of the book, as well as the 12-week Book Companion & Guide! Additional printable tools are included from week to week as well. ✨

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