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Absolutely! I call it a Discovery Session. It is a 30-minute Complimentary call for you and I to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit for your inner journey. 

Coaching is the trendy term to call having a sacred, set-apart space for YOUR personal growth and development. It is time that you gift to yourself, so that you can live into what is really possible for your life. We ALL benefit from having 3rd party, "wise others" to talk through the stuff of life with. {It isn't about you being broken and needing to be fixed!


What do you DO in a session?

"Rachel uses a magical combination of mindfulness, intuition, objectivity, practicality, law of attraction and space to both be clear and navigate messes. [My] sessions have often included a wide range of modalities be it role playing, vision boarding, using big paper to mind map, or being able to bring in work supplies to get practical help for real processes." - Monika L, Phoenix, AZ

What is different in your life since
doing Private Coaching?

"Together, we were able to peel back the layers of my trauma/emotional blocks and figure out a plan for healing. Rachel helped me restore my self-confidence and self-worth on numerous occasions and to realize that I DO have wonderful qualities which help me to contribute to the world I live in." - Meghan Metcalf

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